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Every cloud has a silver lining.
Whether in rain barrels or water holes: Rain water has always been a gift from heaven  people have gathered and used. Today our technology allows us using rain water as easy as drinking water. Install your own water plant in the basement. Careful planning and our well-engineered devices guarantee a hygienic and efficient operation, which depends entirely on your needs.

Rainwater can be used in many different ways. Whether you use rainwater to flush the toilet in single or multi-family houses, for the washing machine or when cleaning. Further it fits for cooling and process water in industrial and commercial facilities, as the extinguishing water, for irrigation in agriculture and gardens or to water animals. You save precious drinking water: up to 50 litres per day are possible for each person in the household. We'll do anything to please your needs and find the right solution for you!

aris illustration Rainwater eng solo-09How it works

On its way into the cistern rainwater carries all kinds of particulate matters, dust and organic debris such as leaves and bird droppings. Our filter system removes the dirt nearly completely. The remaining fine particles either fall to the ground or form a floating film. When the particles are mineralized, they form a fine, harmless soil layer. This mineralization needs oxygen and therefore we induce  fresh, oxygen-rich rainwater on the bottom of the cistern. Our inflow stabiliser ARIS FRESH prevents that dirt is stirred up again.
The main feature: Under normal conditions with this technique you can achieve cleaning intervals of 50 or more years!
The cleanest water is located 15 cm below water level. Therefore our swimmers extract the water right there.
And when the tank gets empty? Then our mains water topupunit ensures that you are not left high and dry. Without the previously usual refilling of the cistern with potable water, the rainwater central unit only fills in as much as required - and of course this happens in accordance with DIN 1988 and EN 1717.

From the pump or the control unit up to the topup unit: the fully automatic rainwater central ARIS contains everything required for a comfortable use of rainwater. You get the exactly right efficient equipment, whether you like to supply residential homes or even industrial property!