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Filter system ARIS LUPO

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Installed in the turret of the cistern, our patented filter system ARIS LUPO cleans rainwater before it reaches the cistern. From small houses up to industrial buildings we adapt our LUPO filter individually to your needs. Having inlet and outlet at almost the same height the LUPO filter can be easily upgraded and installed.

Maintenance-friendly slotted stainless steal sieves do the cleaning. Due to its shape it's self-cleaning and it provides a maximum water efficiency of almost 100% even during heavy rain.
The LUPO filter doesn't need much maintenance because the LUPO effect ensures an efficient self-cleaning. If the cistern is full, an air cushion in the chamber of the LUPO filter locks the inlet automatically. The water level rises in the filter and then all of a sudden the collected dirt flushes directly to the overflow into the canal. This prevents the nucleation and thus ensures clean and hygienic water. Therefor, the Lupo filter needs no periodic replacement parts nor has any moving parts which could get lost.


The main cleaning:

Leaves and the majority of the particles are retained on the filter sieve until the self-cleaning process. Construction and gap width of the sieve guarantee a high water yield of approximately 100%.


Fine filtration:

In the second filter stage, the rain water flows through a vertical mesh screen. Now the natural mineralization and sedimentation where the pollutants are neutralized takes place.



LUPO effect:

The inflow pipe into the cistern has an opening which is closed by the rising water level when the cistern fills up. Now an air cushion is generated in the filter (LUPO effect), which blocks the further inflow.



The water level in the filter increases, because the LUPO effect locks the inlet to the cistern. The floating layer is washed into the canal and at the same time the filter is automatically flushed and cleaned.


Lupofilter Main

We offer our LUPO filters completely installed in the LUPO cisterns or as part of a RigoCollect system as well as separately for the configuration of an existing cistern. You can get it combined with our rainwater central unit ARIS-ARGUS, ARIS-XiON, XiON i or eco. Maximum security can be achieved with the fully automatic filter monitoring system installed in ARIS-ARGUS and Xion i. This is unique to ARIS!