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The ARIS-ARGUS is the rain water control unit for large objects. We design and build them always project specific. For you and your property we'll find the technically and economically best solution.
Incidentally, in 1999 the ARIS-ARGUS, has been the first compact rainwater control unit for large objects at all! Since then we have continuously improved it in many details and further developed. The ARIS ARGUS combines all components you'll need for the rainwater use inside buildings. It contains the pumping equipment and the pump speed control. The number and size of the integrated pumps always depends on conditions according to local differences. ARIS-ARGUS also ensures the in-house mains water topup in accordance with DIN 1988 and EN 1717.

Our patented KIM! ® level measurement shows your current water level at any time with no electricity and cable in the cistern. That means less installation effort and higher security. Even after many years of operation you get an accurate, reliable result because we don't need a sensor which can get polluted and send falsified signals, as it occurs in many other systems after a certain time. An optional remote monitoring completes the ARIS ARGUS system; you can even change the operating data online and take control on several data e. g.  the actual amount of saved water.
If you have done so much good for the environment, then you should talk about: our external display panel show your customers and employees every day how much drinking water could be replaced through rain water.
The rain water central ARIS ARGUS fits perfectly with our LUPO Filter, the ARIS-LUPO Cistern or the ARIS RigoCollect. If you still have questions? Please call us or send us an e-mail!

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