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Combined rainwater usage and soakaway pit with ARIS COLLECT,  Unger Group administration building, Weiden/ Bavaria

Rainwater usage with integrated overlow soakaway pit for garden irrigation in the administration building of the Unger Group, Weiden.
Description: In the administration building of the Unger Group in Weiden, all the rainwater of the area is intended to soak away. Furthermore they decided to use the rainwater before-hand. With a central system collecting the runoff of roofs, parking lots and paved areas, rainwater usage and soak away for the overlow were successfully combined. With the ARIS COLLECT system a total volume of 73 m³ was created. Amoung this 40 m³ are serving as the rainwater tank and 33 m³ form the soak away buffer. Rainwater from roof and pavement areas is led underground to a functional tank and beeing cleaned in an integrated filter. Traffic area run-off enters the system via an infiltration trench and top soil. Download pdf-file for more information.