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A question of level.
Water lift systems have the task of lifting rainwater, dirtwater and dump it safely into the public sewage system or a suitable recipient. This is necessary if the channel in the street is not as deep as the place where the wastewater arise. Lifting systems operate fully automatically and depending on the application with the required reliability. Whether it is for the domestic wastewater from the laundry room, rainwater from a parking area or the dirty water of a new housing: Our lifting systems are a neat thing.

Especially with a backwater caused by torrential rain and flooding there is a risk that wastewater forces its way back into the building. But even a sewage pipe with little or no gradient may require a pumping system. The pump of the water lift system lifts the water onto the first flood level. This is the highest level of public sewer. Then the wastewater can drain away safely. We sell compact water lift systems for every need.

How it worksaris illustration LIFT solo-13

A lifting system is available either at the lowest point in the basement or in a pump shaft. It may make sense to install multiple independently operating pumps so in an emergency you can count on our safe and reliable products. Especially when it comes to people's lives, such as in an underground car park, a coordinated design & planning is indispensable. Here you can rely on us.
Our pumps are there for any kind of wastewater. Depending on the pollution load, they are available for different grain sizes up to a diameter of 15 cm or with a cutting component. Of course, in order to meet the very strict german regulations, we offer even explosion proof pumps. It is important that the pumps are very efficient to reach the required level and supply the maximum amount of water to the required length. We'll show you what is necessary and possible.