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Every cloud has a silver lining.
Whether in rain barrels or water holes: Rain water has always been a gift from heaven  people have gathered and used. Today our technology allows us using rain water as easy as drinking water. Install your own water plant in the basement. Careful planning and our well-engineered devices guarantee a hygienic and efficient operation, which depends entirely on your needs.

Rainwater can be used in many different ways. Whether you use rainwater to flush the toilet in single or multi-family houses, for the washing machine or when cleaning. Further it fits for cooling and process water in industrial and commercial facilities, as the extinguishing water, for irrigation in agriculture and gardens or to water animals. You save precious drinking water: up to 50 litres per day are possible for each person in the household. We'll do anything to please your needs and find the right solution for you!



Use twice is better than once.
Gray water refers to water comming from the shower, bath or washing machine. Against payment you can dump this slightly polluted water in the sewer, or you can use it again after beeing treated with our systems - for flushing toilets, gardens and even the washing machine. With our systems, recycled gray water for these areas is completely safe hygienic.
Grey water can be used as versatile as rain water. Instead of a cistern only a small day tank is required for the treated clear water. Our membrane filter remove organic components such as soaps even bacteria and transform sewage into clean water. Whether you want a rain water or gray water use, or a combination of both - we will advise you.



A fire fighting water supply is required if the public water supply in case of fire doesn't ensure the necessary quantity of water. Whether you store the extinguishing water in above-ground or underground cisterns or in an open pond, depends on the individual case. We design and build reliable and cost-fighting water systems, of course, in combination with rainwater harvesting and retention.
The hydrant has to be always supplied with a sufficient quantity of water plus the right water pressure dependant on the number of sprinklers. A separating station ensures that stagnant water doesn't get into contact with the drinking water and possibly contaminates this. It separates the water from the fire water mains network, initiates regular irrigations and also manages rainwater and graywater use. Continuous self-tests and an alarm function ensure that the system is always ready.



A question of level.
Water lift systems have the task of lifting rainwater, dirtwater and dump it safely into the public sewage system or a suitable recipient. This is necessary if the channel in the street is not as deep as the place where the wastewater arise. Lifting systems operate fully automatically and depending on the application with the required reliability. Whether it is for the domestic wastewater from the laundry room, rainwater from a parking area or the dirty water of a new housing: Our lifting systems are a neat thing.

Especially with a backwater caused by torrential rain and flooding there is a risk that wastewater forces its way back into the building. But even a sewage pipe with little or no gradient may require a pumping system. The pump of the water lift system lifts the water onto the first flood level. This is the highest level of public sewer. Then the wastewater can drain away safely. We sell compact water lift systems for every need.