LUPO Cistern PE

The ARIS-LUPO cistern made of polyethylene PE is so light, it even can be transported by hand. This makes it particularly interesting if the access is difficult. Inlet and outlet are at the same height which, combined with our turret that can adapt easily to the surface, makes installation easy.
The ARIS-LUPO-PE is available in sizes from 3500 to 6500 liters. LUPO The filtering system is assembled. Through the turret the large-sized filter is easily accessible and in most cases easy to clean from the outside. At the same time it offers the by DIN 1989 required fall-through protection.
The ARIS LUPO cisterns match perfectly with the rain water central units ARIS XION, XIONi and Xion eco.
We also offer pumping and throttle shafts as well as larger cisterns. We're happy to advise you our special solutions.

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LUPO Cistern R.Congrete

The ARIS-LUPO Cistern made of solid monolithic reinforced concrete guarantees the highest water quality. At the LUPO Cistern inlet and outlet are at the same height which makes installation easy. Due to its massive quality, the ARIS-LUPO Cistern by default can be run over with vehicles up to 5 tons. On demand it's possible to ensure higher traffic loads. Due to its weight, it's also secured against uplift. The ARIS-LUPO Cistern is available in sizes from 5300 to 20.000 liters, and with integrated filters from 200-20000 m² collector surface.
You get the ARIS LUPO Cistern completely preinstalled with the LUPO filter system. It is easy to use and can be easily maintained from the outside. Together with the rain water unit ARIS ARGUS, ARIS XION, Xion i or XION eco you get a perfectly matching package. Whether you like saving rain water, gray water or fire water or you combine the systems; the ARIS-LUPO Cistern with all its benefits is the right choice.
Additionally we offer pumping and throttle shafts as well as larger cisterns. Give us a call. We will advise you.

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