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ARIS Professional

Modern ARIS rainwater harvesting systems provide hygienically clean process water for toilets, washing machines and the garden. The average daily water consumption is immense: about 140l per person in Europe and up to 300l per person in North America. In fact drinking water is too precious to be used for flushing toilets, the washing machine and garden irrigation. Year after year up to 50% of the annual drinking water needs can be replaced with an ARIS rainwater harvesting system. In combination with other technologies it's finally possible to reach the principle of an energy-and resource-efficient house.

ARIS PROFESSIONAL includes our professional solution for the modern use of rainwater in small and medium size objects. All PROFESSIONAL systems consist of our rainwater control unit ARIS XION or ARIS XION eco. These innovative rainwater units fit for every application, whether for a basement unit or an external cistern system, even under extreme conditions (eg, suction). Both are available in a wide variety of services and equipment. The quick and easy installation contributes to the early cost effectiveness of the ARIS-PROFESSIONAL systems.

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ARIS Modular

ARIS MODULAR is our individual solution with KIM! designed for commercial and industrial facilities. Reducing the number of components ensures easy installation and a maximum reliability. The rain water control centre ARIS ARGUS ensures the safe supply with precious  and hygienic rain water of all taps at any time. In case of less rain water we also have a mains water top up to refill the cistern with just the right amount of tap water. The integrated KIM! -Control regulates the fully automatic operation and monitors the entire system; even communication with building management systems is possible.

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