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Combined rainwater usage and soakaway pit with ARIS COLLECT
Do-It-Yourself store
in Günzburg, Bavaria

Rainwater usage with integrated overlow soakaway pit for the gardening center and the car-wash plant of  the ‘V-Baumarkt’ DIY store in Günzburg, Bavaria.
The precipitation water coming down on the terrain of the ‚V-Baumarkt’ shall be used for watering in the garden center and the neighbouring car-wash plant. With the installation of a ARIS COLLECT system a tank volume of 110
was created. Water from a roof area of approx. 8.000 m² is iltered, stored and used. This saves up to 3.300 m³ of mains water per annum. Download pdf-file for further information.





Frankfurt Oder

Creation of rainwater retention in Frankfurt Oder: The implementation of the "Southeastern City Center" in Frankfurt Oder included the installation of a rainwater retention system. According to the limited pipe network, a volume of about 815 m³ was essential. In autumn 2009 the construction begann with the needed ground water lowering, later on, the excavation including the sheet piling was prepared. The lack of space or storage space allowed channels are still open stormwater retention basin. The required lowering of ground water required a possible short construction period of six Weeks.






Combined rainwater usage and soakaway pit with ARIS COLLECT,  Unger Group administration building, Weiden/ Bavaria

Rainwater usage with integrated overlow soakaway pit for garden irrigation in the administration building of the Unger Group, Weiden.
Description: In the administration building of the Unger Group in Weiden, all the rainwater of the area is intended to soak away. Furthermore they decided to use the rainwater before-hand. With a central system collecting the runoff of roofs, parking lots and paved areas, rainwater usage and soak away for the overlow were successfully combined. With the ARIS COLLECT system a total volume of 73 m³ was created. Amoung this 40 m³ are serving as the rainwater tank and 33 m³ form the soak away buffer. Rainwater from roof and pavement areas is led underground to a functional tank and beeing cleaned in an integrated filter. Traffic area run-off enters the system via an infiltration trench and top soil. Download pdf-file for more information.