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Use twice is better than once.
Gray water refers to water comming from the shower, bath or washing machine. Against payment you can dump this slightly polluted water in the sewer, or you can use it again after beeing treated with our systems - for flushing toilets, gardens and even the washing machine. With our systems, recycled gray water for these areas is completely safe hygienic.
Grey water can be used as versatile as rain water. Instead of a cistern only a small day tank is required for the treated clear water. Our membrane filter remove organic components such as soaps even bacteria and transform sewage into clean water. Whether you want a rain water or gray water use, or a combination of both - we will advise you.

aris illustration Greywater eng solo-10How it works

In order to use greywater, you need a separate sewage pipe network, which collects the separated waste water from washing basins, showers, tubs and or washing machines. So-called black water from toilets or the kitchen is not suitable.
In the gray water system bacteria dissolve the organic substances. A fan provides enough oxygen in the water. Under this conditions the bacteria are working optimally.
Afterwards a special membrane filters out the unwanted rest. The pores of this filter are so small that only water molecules fit through. Detergent residue, skin and hair particles and bacteria fail. Our filter system makes disinfection facilities and chemical additives unnecessary. This saves money and the environment.
The ARIS gray water systems can be installed in the basement as well as onto the ground.