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A fire fighting water supply is required if the public water supply in case of fire doesn't ensure the necessary quantity of water. Whether you store the extinguishing water in above-ground or underground cisterns or in an open pond, depends on the individual case. We design and build reliable and cost-fighting water systems, of course, in combination with rainwater harvesting and retention.
The hydrant has to be always supplied with a sufficient quantity of water plus the right water pressure dependant on the number of sprinklers. A separating station ensures that stagnant water doesn't get into contact with the drinking water and possibly contaminates this. It separates the water from the fire water mains network, initiates regular irrigations and also manages rainwater and graywater use. Continuous self-tests and an alarm function ensure that the system is always ready.

aris illustration FireEX eng solo-11How it works

In case of a fire, a reliable fire extinguishing system is essential. If the public water supply is insufficient to meet an identified need for fire-fighting, enough firefighting water must be stored on the property to make up the difference. Your individual fire water demand is dependent on design and details of the object. We plan and build your fire water system, of course, rules and regulations as specified by valid fire safety assessments.
On all taps must be ensured that you have water in the required quantity and with sufficient pressure. Therefore it may be necessary that several components or even the entire plant are rendundant. This may also require an emergency power supply or two independent network connections. Whether pressure boosting or cutting stations are required; we'll find out for you. We adjust firewater systems individually to your property.